5 Summer Bucket List Activities That You Might Need

July 22, 2021 2 min read

Nothing is more symbolic of the summer than a camping day. When you go camping, there are a variety of enjoyable activities to do. I've put together a camping bucket list of things to do the next time you go camping. You may already be doing some of the activities on this list, but this camping season, try something new!

  • Rent an RV and camp across the USA
  • Take your dog camping
  • Go fishing and catch your dinner
  • Start your own bonfire and enjoy the barbecue
  • Have an outdoor movie night under the stars

    #1. Rent an RV and camp across the USA

    Renting an RV and driving through the National Parks, camping along the way, is the greatest advice. Consider renting an RV for a longer period of time orequipping one yourself if you have the time and capacity to work remotely. You can also make your RV special with these recommended items here. When I think of camping excursions, this brave move springs to mind.

    #2. Take your dog camping

    Camping should be on your dog's bucket list if you're searching for something new to do with him/her. Pets want to be with their owners, so begin doing the things you enjoy with them, and they will begin to do the same. What's more, what's better than a cup of coffee and a dog snuggled up by the fire?

    #3. Go fishing and catch your dinner 

    What better way to elevate your camping bucket list than by catching some fish for your own dinner?! You may also use this opportunity to educate your children on how to be patient when fishing. 

    Fishing advice: wear a great shirt that makes you feel comfortable because you will be waiting a long time for some nice fish.

    #4. Start your own bonfire and enjoy the barbecue

    Learning to light a fire is a rite of passage for any camper. It simply states that you can live outside. This should be at the very top of every camper's to-do list.

    Unless you want it to be, camping cuisine does not have to be hot dogs. You may quickly make a delectable barbecue over an open fire with just a few cooking utensils. With a bar & grill sign, welcome all your friends or even other campers, and see how astonished they are when they find you cooking and wearing a lovely apron like a professional chef.

    #5. Have an outdoor movie night under the stars

    This will take a little planning, but you could go as far as having a full-on makeshift screen and projector or just using a laptop. Whatever suits your camping style. Relax and enjoy a movie night with your favorite cup of coffee.


    If you're looking for summer activities, I hope my summer bucket list has inspired you to try some new possibilities.

    Which summer activity are you most looking forward to, or which things are on your summer bucket list? 

    Also, if you have any summer bucket list ideas that aren't on mine, please share them so that others can be encouraged.

    Luna @ The Pawfect House

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