Happy Independence Day Hope You Brought Beer And Dog Treats - 4th Of July Funny Personalized Pet Decorative Mat (Cat & Dog)

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Description: "Happy 4th Of July - Hope You Brought Beer And Dog Treats". This Decorative Mat Is A Stylish Way To Welcome Friends And Family To Your Home! Our Personalized mat is the perfect gift for new homeowners, family, friends or even yourself on any occasion: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, 4th of July, Christmas,...

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Product details:

  • Material: durable heat-resistant non-woven fabric top and prevent slipping while using on certain surfaces.
  • Our mat is widely used for indoor front welcome mat, kitchen rug, floor mat, living room and so on.
  • Dry wet feet, grab dirt, dust and grime, keeping floors clean and dry.
  • Easy clean. Use a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent to clean dirt. Machine washing is not recommended.

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Customer Reviews

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Denise Cook
You’ve been warmed

Jefferson is here to screen you for compliance

Adorable INDOOR mat

This mat is so cute. My only issue is that it is already fading outside… after only 2 weeks. It’s been rained on a couple of times and it stays wet for quite a while when other mats I’ve had dry quickly.

I will most likely order another one and keep it indoors.

Raelene Beckman
Happy Customer

We love our mat and we’ve found the perfect spot. Very soft under the feet when doing the dishes. Our fur babies love it as well. Christmas Presents for the kids sorted 😊

Nicole Borkowski
Super cute

We love our new welcome mat! The picture looks just like our fur babies! It makes me happy walking up to our door! Super cute!

Caitlynn Ohara
I got exactly what I asked for!

This mat is the exact thing that I ordered. When I buy something online, I’m always nervous I won’t get it or it will be incorrect somehow, so I am very pleased to leave a great review! The material is soft and it’s a good size, everything was spelled correctly and it looked just like the picture! I can say I won’t be using it as a door mat as it’s very lightweight and honestly too cute to be stepped on, but the bottom has a non-slip material that seems like it would be a good kitchen mat if you can bring yourself to put it on the floor! I absolutely love it and I’m telling all my friends!

Grecita Bautista

I bought this as a gift to my daughter in law and she loves it and so does the 2 little dogs.